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Top 5 Games 2018

My top games this year. Not necessarily when they were released but when I played them. This list is not exactly 5 games anyways. I don't think I played many of the super popular games this year, at least I'm not remembering them. What even came out this year?

I listen to a lot of music and game soundtracks so my rankings will also include how often I listen to the soundtracks.

The List #

  1. Just Shapes & Beats
  3. Ni no Kuni II
  4. DOOM (2016)
  5. Nintendo (Splatoon 2, BotW, Pokemon Let's go)

Thoughts #

Just Shapes & Beats #


This one actually surprised me. I was looking forward to playing Just Shapes & Beats for a while ever since I found the website ( Initially, I wasn't big on the music since it's not normally my style, but now I mix in songs from the soundtrack nearly daily. Lots of fun chiptune to listen to. I wish the game was longer but it's actually a lot of music already and they added more recently.



DELTARUNE, the Undertale sequel/prequel/spin-off from Toby Fox. Speaking of music, Deltarune is now on my daily music listening along side the Undertale music.

so much music

The story was fun, the characters are great. When I finished playing Undertale I really wanted more and now Deltarune scratches that itch. Undertale is probably my number one favorite game so Deltarune even being half as good is amazing. I'm not sure yet if it stands on it's own just yet but my playthough of it was very enjoyable.

I really hope Toby Fox continues it.

Ni no Kuni II #

ni no kuni

Almost forgot this came out this year! Wow, this has been a long year. I really love the art style and Studio Ghibli influence. I'm really bad at finishing game so this one is also in the keep meaning to finish pile. I played a bit of the first one and enjoy it and now that the second one is on PC I can fully play it (at least until I forget and it falls into the never ending backlog). The story is just a little cheesy but I like the whimsical of it.

DOOM (2016) #


Finally got around to playing this after 2 years. Looking forward to DOOM Eternal whenever that comes out. I also listen to this soundtrack every once in a while. I really like music.

Nintendo Games #

I picked up a switch this year and enjoyed a ton of Nintendo. Played BotW finally and loved it. Played Splatoon 2 and it was excellent.

Still in the middle of Pokemon Let's go Eevee. I never actually played through Red and Blue so finally doing so in a spin off is pretty fun. Not sure which is worse though, beating up wild animals to level up or capturing them all and sending them off to the professor for science.

Other Games I Played and Liked #

Final Fantasy XV, Monster Hunter: World, Slime Rancher, World's Adrift, Enter the Gungeon, Tooth and Tail, Project: Gorgon, Owlboy, Getting Over it, Assassin's Creed

Other Games I Keep Meaning to Play #

Donut County, Pyre, All those PS4 exclusives, Celeste, Battlefield One, Return of the Obra Dinn

Other Games Started That I Keep Meaning to Finish #

Transistor, Prey

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