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  • Top Games 2020

    Wow, what a year. Looking back, I didn’t play too many new games, or at least games that stood out to me as my game of the year. I played Among Us and Fall Guys and while they were good, they were not my best. Heck, I could add Hades again to my top games.

  • Top 5 Games 2019

    Wow, this year had a lot of good games come out! I didn’t even play half of the games I wanted to… but anyways, here are my favorite games for the year!

  • Make it Work, Make it Right, Make it Fast

    My favorite development saying and design principle.

  • Using Git with Game Development

    Source control can be daunting but it is pretty important for sharing with others and backing up to prevent data loss. I will cover installing git on a windows environment, using online repositories (repos) and getting a Unity game setup with git.

  • Top 5 Games 2018

    My top games this year. Not necessarily when they were released but when I played them. This list is not exactly 5 games anyways. I don’t think I played many of the super popular games this year, at least I’m not remembering them. What even came out this year?

  • Getting Started With Game Development

    Hello! I’ve been doing game development for while now and people have asked how to start. There are many ways to get into game development so here is my advice to learn to program video games.

  • Hello World

    Hello! I’m Judah and I’m trying out something new for my blog.

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